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Private Investigator Sacramento

Providing thorough and skilled private investigations and surveillance, Private Investigator Sacramento is here to find the evidence your case might be lacking.

Whether you’re in the midst of a criminal or civil case that needs more information, or you’re needing help locating someone who you’ve lost touch with or is missing, or you’re looking for a simple or in depth background check on someone, we’re here for you. We are a full-service private detective agency, and we have the skill and knowledge and experience to find the answers you’re looking for. Contact us today


Private Investigator Sacramento CA

Licensed, experienced and hard-working, our team of investigators have years of investigation and surveillance time under their belts. Keeping our skills, equipment, and resources updated and meticulously honed, Sacramento Private Investigator delivers accurate, factual reports obtained through legal, although covert means.

You can rely on our discretion, integrity and professionalism. We take great pride in our work and our reputation.

Based in Sacramento, our agency has been serving the people of our community and surrounding areas for several years. We know what we’re doing and we’re good at it. We have developed relationships and resources across the country and strive to have a good relationship with local law enforcement and other entities that help us serve our clients more comprehensively.

Using state-of-the-art procedures and cutting-edge equipment, we are able to deliver quality results and proof-positive documentation for our clients. Whether you are dealing with a personal issue that you need to resolve, such as an unfaithful spouse, or a long, lost loved one, or you have business issues that you need help with such as background checks or a bug sweep, we’ve got the expertise you need to get the job done.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We look forward to reviewing your case and showing you what we have to offer.

Why Choose Us ?

At Private Detective Sacramento, we’ve been serving in the city and surrounding areas for a number of years and look forward to working with you. Contact us today!

There’s a variety of reasons someone might hire a private investigator, and knowing who to choose and why can be overwhelming if you’ve never had the experience before, or if you’ve had a bad experience. At Sacramento Private Detective, our mission is to assist you in finding the answers you need to solve your case and move on with your life. We offer:

Highly trained and professional

Experience and expertise, a number of years of service already under our belts, along with various skill-sets to answer all your investigatory needs.


Licensed and insured investigators ready to serve.

Caring and discreet

Regular and reliable updates and communication, we keep our clients in the loop regarding the progress of their case and any new developments.

Conscientious of time & money

Honesty and integrity, we know the law and we follow the law, so you can rest assured that your case won’t be compromised due to unethical or immoral behavior on our part.

Accurate, on time results

Efficient and hard-working, we get the job done with precision and in a reasonable allotment of time.

What To Expect?

Starting with a free consultation, PI Sacramento CA will go over the aspects of your case and discuss the services that are appropriate to help resolve your issue whether it’s complicated and perplexing or fairly straightforward and simple, or somewhere in between.

We’ll take time to go over costs and fees, how much to start, how much it might run and if there’s a limit that you want to have. We understand that budgets are important to most people and we work hard to help you get the best value for the money you’re spending.

Throughout your case, we will give you regular, discreet updates and keep you abreast of things as they develop. At the conclusion of your case, we’ll deliver a report with any photos, video or other documentation that we’ve gathered, so that you will have a satisfactory record of what we did and what we found.

At Sacramento Detective Agency, your satisfaction is important to us and we strive to make sure we exhaust every lead and leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the facts. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Services

At Sacramento Private Investigator, we are experts in the art of surveillance and private investigations. Experience, skill and continued training keep our investigators sharp and some of the best in the field. As a full-service agency, we offer a variety of services and specialties such as:

sacramento private investigator and surveillance


Covert surveillance is a specialized investigative technique and is invaluable to gathering information on someone who has been acting suspicious. State-of-the-art surveillance equipment helps to document the proof of whatever is going on with the subject that you are having watched. Discretion and patience are often the two most important things when it comes to this skill.

sacramento detective agency & cheating partners


If your spouse is cheating in the real world, we will find out. Usually this service requires some surveillance, and if you need proof before you make your next move, hiring a professional may be the best thing. Give Private Investigator Sacramento a call.

sacramento private detective and background checks

Background Check/Investigations

Background investigations are employed for a variety of reasons. Commonly, it’s used for potential employees or tenants that you want to know more about before you hire or rent to, but it can also be to check out someone who you are thinking of entering into a business or personal partnership with. Knowing the full truth before you leap into something can keep you and your assets safe.

private investigator sacramento cost & asset investigation

Asset & Hidden Assets Investigations

When you have a lawsuit against someone who owes you money or sometimes during the course of a messy divorce, one of the parties involved may try to hide assets that they don’t want to share or turn over altogether to the person they are in a disagreement with. This is a specialized service to discover those hidden assets and bring them to light for the courts and for your own peace of mind.

private investigators near me & TSCM surveillance

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures)

Bug sweeping (TSCM) can be used at your business or home or wherever you feel there is danger that you’ve been bugged with an illicit audio or video device without your permission. Our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures will detect, locate and neutralize the device(s) in question and also find weak areas that need to be reinforced to guard against a future attack.

sacramento private investigator services & missing person locating services

Subject Locates

Have you lost touch with someone from your past and have no idea how to reconnect? Are you looking for your biological family? Did someone skip out owing you? Whatever the situation, there’s a good chance that we can find this person and put you back in contact. Give us a call!

hire a private investigator in sacramento and cell phone investigation

Cell Phone Forensic Investigation

Obviously, this is just one form of digital forensics. Cell phone forensic investigations comprises recovering deleted or lost data from a cell phone for examination. That data can be used to build a time-line, understand a conversation history, and provide proof that you thought was gone because the phone was damaged or the information was simply deleted.

About Sacramento

Situated just 90 miles northeast of San Francisco and 100 miles southwest of Lake Tahoe, Sacramento affords residents a combination of bustling city adventures and scenic beauty within a short driving distance. With about 500,000 residents in the city proper, in addition to 1.9 million in the surrounding suburbs, Sacramento is blessed with a Mediterranean climate which is fairly mild year round, although that also means occasional heat waves during the summers.

Sacramento is the state capital of California and boasts the distinction of being the original home to the Pony Express, the expansive mail delivery service which originated in Sacramento and ran all the way to the state of Missouri.

Home to numerous museums, from the famous State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento, to downtown’s Crocker Art Museum, which is the longest running art museum in the western U.S. Other attractions include the Sacramento Zoo, the Sacramento Ballet, Sacramento Opera, Sacramento Theatre Company as well as California Musical Theater.

Surrounding suburbs include:

  • Roseville
  • Folsom
  • Davis
  • Rocklin
  • El Dorado Hills
  • Fair Oaks
  • Granite Bay
  • La Riviera
  • Gold River
  • And many other surrounding areas


What is a PI?

PI is short for Private Investigator. A private investigator is trained to find facts and evidence for people who need to know answers, but are unable to obtain those answers on their own. Many private detectives or investigators get their start in law enforcement or the military, although not always. They have developed skills through training and experience to discover truths and document proof that can be used in criminal or civil cases, or even just for peace of mind to an individual who is seeking answers.

How much is a private investigator?

Private investigator costs depend mostly on the services your specific case requires and how long it takes to solve. Private Investigator Sacramento costs can range from a flat fee for something simple that generally is solved in a fixed amount of time. Otherwise, the fees are generally hourly and depending on the complexity may require a retainer to start.

How do I know I can depend on a Private Investigator Sacramento to be discreet?

Hiring a private investigator is similar to hiring an attorney or a doctor when you’re talking about discretion and privacy. Unless ordered by the court, we won’t divulge any information about you or your case to anyone unless we have your express consent.

What can you find out with a background check or investigation?

We are able to find a variety of things in a background check investigation. It really depends on what your reasons are for the check. We can look at a person's criminal background, or verify someone’s education or employment claims and a multitude of other items. We have lots of resources at our disposal and are expert in getting the information you need.

How does a private investigator catch someone cheating?

Experienced private investigators know how to carefully tail someone and see who they are meeting or where they are going. Through surveillance, they can get photos and/or video for proof.

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

G. F. Sacramento

These guys got right on the case I presented and had gathered the evidence I was looking for in plenty of time for my court case. I appreciate their professionalism and their attention to the details. I got exactly what I needed.

S. M. Sacramento

I needed to find my biological family because of some pressing medical issues, but had never been able to get much information on them. When I hired a private investigator I was pretty desperate. They were able to pick up the trail of my bio-mom and give me the contact information I needed. It was very helpful for my medical records and will be even more helpful for my children.

J. R. Sacramento

Worth every dime I spent! My suspicions were confirmed and it was so reassuring. For months I’d been feeling like I was crazy, but it was just the stress and worry of knowing but not having proof. Hiring a private investigator was the smartest thing I ever did.

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